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Ritual, Lacan, Experts, Prison, DeLillo

The Browser 

Confucius Mark Csikszentmihalyi | Stanford Encyclopaedia Of Philosophy | 31st March 2020 It comes as something of a jolt to find that the SEP has only now gained a full entry dedicated to Confucius, the most significant thinker in East Asian history. Confucius is depicted here as a Chinese equivalent of his near-contemporary, Plato. He developed “a psycho…

Episode 54: Inside the Mind of Sam Pittman

University of Arkansas Women's Gymnastics 

New head football coach Sam Pittman takes us inside his mind of what he's learned as a career assistant that is helping be a head coach for the first time. He also let's us in on his secret to recruiting and what it really means to be a players' coach.

China is bracing for a second wave of coronavirus

Yahoo! News 

A Chinese county that was largely unscathed by the novel COVID-19 coronavirus went into lockdown Wednesday, signaling fears of a possible second wave in the country where the virus originated, The South China Morning Post reports.The county of Jia in Henan province, home to 600,000 people, is now in lockdown after infections reportedly spread at a local hospital. There were previously only 12 confirmed cases in Henan, despite it being situated just north of Hubei province, where China's epicenter, Wuhan, is located. Читать дальше...

Take a look inside Spain's largest hospital


Before the coronavirus pandemic, IFEMA was a convention center in Madrid. Now it's known as Spain's biggest 'makeshift' hospital, and CNN's Scott McLean has been granted rare access to look inside.

‘Somebody’s got to do it’: Forklift driver moves bodies of coronavirus victims

New York Post 

The coronavirus crisis left him with the grimmest job in New York City — driving the forklift that carries fatal victims of the disease from Brooklyn Hospital Center to a refrigerated trailer outside. Richard Phipps works as a cleaner and maintenance man at the hospital in Fort Greene, but said Wednesday that he got tasked...

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