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..hat Mama ihre Kleinen schon um 6 Uhr früh

Manage your time

The Hindu 

Do you feel uncertain of a career option? Do you lack the freedom to choose a subject that you really want to pursue? Do you always feel low on self-confidence? Are you constantly doubting yourself? A Q&A column to assuage your doubts.

‘We’re In Trouble!’ The Incredible True Story Of The 1969 Apollo 10 ‘Snoopy’ Moon Mission


This week marks half a century since Apollo 10, the warmup mission to the lunar landing of Apollo 11. And for one brief moment, the mission looked like it was on the verge of disaster. 

The Apollo 10′s lunar module (LM) was nicknamed Snoopy since it would be “snooping” around the moon in May 1969 and sniffing out a landing spot for Apollo 11, which would put the first humans on the surface just two months later. 

The command module was nicknamed Charlie Brown, because “as in the [Peanuts] comic, the CM Charlie Brown would be the guardian of the LM Snoopy,” according to NASA. Читать дальше...

Moving on to the finals

The Hindu 

How is the word ‘fracas’ pronounced? (K. Indumathi, Chennai)The pronunciation of the word seems to depend on which side of the Atlantic you are from —

2019 MLS Week 13 Referee Discussion

Big Internet Group LLC. 


New York Red Bulls vs Vancouver Whitecaps
Red Bull Arena (8PM ET)
REF: Victor Rivas
AR1: Frank Anderson
AR2: Brian Poeschel
4TH: Ted Unkel
VAR: Jose Carlos Rivero
AVAR: Logan Brown


Orlando City vs LA Galaxy
Orlando City Stadium (7PM ET)
REF: Allen Chapman
AR1: Jeremy Hanson
AR2: Oscar Mitchell-Carvalho
4TH: Thomas Snyder
VAR: Kevin Terry Jr
AVAR: Kevin Klinger

Real Salt Lake vs Atlanta United
Rio Tinto Stadium (9PM ET)
REF... Читать дальше...

Get Vokal

The Hindu 

With barely any vernacular content on the Internet, this app caters to the needs of the non-English speaking community

Iran to dispatch 62nd naval flotilla to far seas


TEHRAN, May 25 (MNA) – The Iranian Navy is set to dispatch the 62nd flotilla of warships to the international waters in the coming days to safeguard the maritime routes used by Iranian vessels.

23-30: Chart

Lookout Landing 

Sometimes you bash, sometimes you get bashed

tfw u get bashed

The Bash Brothers: Domingo Santana, .129 WPA

Walt Weiss: Wade LeBlanc, -.240 WPA

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