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Чрезвычайное происшествие. Распилили экспонат. Выпуск 23.04.2018 НТВ

ЧП. Чрезвычайное происшествие. Распилили экспонат 23.04.2018 последний выпуск. Полицейские допросили владельца пункта приема металлолома... Читать дальше...

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The impossible


Enya. Athair ar Neamh (Father in Heaven) {{embed|t=aFq9T_1524527785}}

Flashback 1979 : CHiPs Roller Disco


Ponch and Jon hit the roller disco. Every TV celebrity of the era is in here from Tina Louise to Cindy Williams. (Footage courtesy of MeTV)

Beach brawl: 2 grown men fight over who gets to ride sailboat


Tempers flared on a Filipino holiday island, which is closing for six months, when two tourists fought over who would get the last spot on a sailboat. The Chinese and South Korean men began brawling on the beach in Boracay Island, which will close for six months due to the overload of tourists. Onlookers said the two men were jostling for the last place on a sailboat known locally as a "paraw." The dispute happened on April 12 just days after President Rodrigo Duterte branded the island a "cesspool" and ordered the closure to start on April 26. Читать дальше...

Siege Of Tobruk - 241 Days Of Chaos


One of the most under rated battles of World War 2, a siege in Libya that lasted 241 days and comprised of massive artillery strikes and tank battles.

A creature named grimace


Playdough faced muppet streams some retardation from the hood. I didnt even watch but maybe 3 secs of the clip but if you make it further, here have a vote for perseverance

Toronto Police Arrest Man After Van Hits Pedestrians


Toronto police reported that 9 people died and 16 others were injured after a white van struck pedestrians near the intersection of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue East in Toronto, Canada, on April 23.Local media quoted police as saying the van had mounted a curb and that the driver fled the scene and was arrested near Yonge Street and Sheppard Avenue.In this video, police confront a man on Poyntz Avenue, just off Sheppard and Yonge. The man appears to be pointing something at the officer from near the Ryder van. Читать дальше...

Bridesmaid catches bouquet and gets surprise proposal from boyfriend


A bridesmaid caught a wedding bouquet tossed by the bride and ended up getting a surprise proposal from her boyfriend. In the video, the bride can be seen tossing the bouquet behind her back. After the bridesmaid catches it, her boyfriend comes up behind her, drops to one knee and asks her to marry him. The filmer explained that the wedding party set things up for the bridesmaid to catch the bouquet so the boyfriend could propose to her. "Everyone was in on it except her," the filmer said.

Bike crash against car and wall in Brazil


A collision involving a vehicle and a motorcycle left two injured on Sunday night (22) in the municipality of Itabaiana (SE). Security cameras at a snack bar on the corner of S~ao Paulo and Sete de Setembro streets in the city center caught the accident, which occurred around 11 pm. The images show the exact moment when people on the bike are thrown against the wall of a commercial establishment. According to the social assistance of the Regional Hospital of Itabaiana, the two men were cared for at the local by the Mobile Emergency Care Service (Samu) and referred to the health unit. Читать дальше...

M/S Estonia Mayday


Captain he very calm. Ship has problem and crew says things about emergencies. He may ordered espresso too! dont know