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What Can We Do To Treat This Thing? Kelly Keene & Lauren Serino | Slate | 15th April 2020 Extracts from the diaries of two New York ER doctors. Cut out and keep, in case you ever need to explain this thing to future generations. “Today we discussed the number of ventilators in the hospital. It’s grim mathematics. We talked about how many vents we anticipa…

Coronavirus stalls Notre Dame's reconstruction one year after cathedral fire


The bells at Notre Dame cathedral rang out over the city of Paris exactly one year after a devastating fire tore through the landmark church. Effort to restore the cathedral have now been stalled due to the spread of COVID-19. Kristin Romney, an archaeology writer and editor at National Geographic, joined CBSN to discuss.

How to Cut Your Own Hair With Trimmers


Yes, you can use beard clippers. Yes, you will make a mess. Yes, it will grow back. And yes, you can use this to cut someone else’s hair.

Gavin Newsom to Give Taxpayer-Funded Coronavirus Cash Payments to Illegal Aliens

The Gateway Pundit 

Gavin Newsom California Governor Gavin Newsom announced cash payments to illegal aliens who were not eligible for the Coronavirus stimulus package passed by Congress which gave cash to many tax-paying Americans who were affected by the Coronavirus. California has approximately 2 million illegal aliens living in the US. So now Newsom is taking money from…

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Government To Assist New Zealanders In Philippines To Come Home


Rt Hon Winston Peters Deputy Prime Minister Minister of Foreign Affairs PĀNUI PĀPĀHO MEDIA STATEMENT The Government is securing a flight to bring New Zealanders home from the Philippines this weekend, Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters says. ...

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