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What are some most common types of plagiarisms?

What are some most common types of plagiarisms?

Do you know plagiarism has become a major issue in the academic world? The Josephson Institute Center for Youth Ethics conducted a survey on 43,000 high school students in 2010. The results revealed that one out of three students submits plagiarised assignments. 

Plagiarism is a major issue in academic world. Do you know every second student submits a plagiarised assignment which is obviously not good for their academic result graph. First of all, understand the types of plagiarsim. They are clone plagiarism, CTRL-C plagiarism, Remix plagiarism, Recycle plagiarism and many more. Now our concern is to provide you plagiarism free assignments or homework papers. For this, you will need to take MyAssignmenthelp.com which mainly provides best assignment service.

Check out the major types of plagiarism listed below, delve deep to confront, combat and eliminate the odd, once and for all.

1. Self Plagiarism

This is considered the most common type of plagiarism where the student submits his / her own previous works or ends up missing parts of their previous works with the current one.

It is unacceptable to incorporate a part of the research paper you wrote in high school into a term paper assigned in your college. The submission of the same piece of assignment in different classes without any prior permission from both professors is unethical.

2. Mosaic Plagiarism

Have you ever borrowed phrases from a source without using quotations? It's an act of committing mosaic plagiarism. Similarly, if you find synonyms for the author's language without changing the original structure and meaning, it would be tagged as mosaic plagiarism.

Also known as patch writing, this kind of intentional and accidental paraphrasing is academically unethical and punishable in many forms.

3. Accidental Plagiarism

Accidental plagiarism occurs when an individual overlooks the significance of citing sources and ends up leaving the reference unacknowledged. Apart from that, misquoting sources, or unintentionally paraphrasing a source by using synonymous words, groups of words or sentence structures without attributing their origin is an act of accidental plagiarism as well.

It is to be noted that accidental plagiarism is as critical as any other type of plagiarism. It follows the same range of severities and consequences as mosaic, self or any other form of plagiarism.

4. Direct Plagiarism

Also known as verbatim plagiarism, direct plagiarism occurs when the author copies the work of another author and imitates the entire text word for word, without using quotation marks or attributions of any type.

Passing such works as a completely original one is against all academic ethics and considered a major infraction of academic regulations.

Get common 10 types of plagiarism types here.

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